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At first I couldn’t choose!! First was samigail (Sammy x Abigail) then Benstara (Ben x Tara). I would say Ben x Tara. I like their chemistry and how he’s been there for her all the time. Love them together. I Would’ve loved to see more development of their relationship in Season 3. :)

Dance Academy Fandom: (Ask me game)

  1. 1. Favorite season
  2. 2. Favorite episode
  3. 3. Favorite female character
  4. 4. Favorite male character
  5. 5. OTP (favorite couple)
  6. 6. Favorite dancer (female, male)
  7. 7. Favorite pas de deux
  8. 8. Favorite scene
  9. 9. Do you think Tara made a good decision at the end? Why?
  10. 10.Least favorite female character
  11. 11.Least favorite male character
  12. 12. Favorite choreography
  13. 13. Favorite choreographer
  14. 14. Favorite teacher
  15. 15. Favorite girl's uniform.
  16. 16. Favorite kiss
  17. 17. Favorite friendship
  18. 18. That couple you just don't understand.
  19. 19. Christian or Ben?
  20. 20. Sammy or Ethan?
  21. 21. Favorite quote
  22. 22. Favorite song
  23. 23. Reasons why you love Dance Academy
  24. 24. Something you dislike.
  25. 25. If you have the chance to make 13 more episodes of Season 3. What would you make them about?
  26. 26. Anything.

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Hello! This might sound a bit weird but I saw this edit from another fandom where a couple originally hated each other and eventually ended up together and it was like a relationship-progression type of gifset, if this makes any sense. Could you possibly do one like that for Christian and Tara? Thank you!

Sure. It would help if you could link me to the gif set. If not is okay. xox

Hey! Just to let you know that requests are now accepted! If you want me to gif some character or make a picspam or graphics just ask! :)

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Abigail in Series 3

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Thank you! 

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